Maxthon 4 Cloud Browser

Maxthon, the browser with the highest score on, has got cloud powers. The Maxthon 4 ‘Cloud Browser’ has been released with many new features and bug fixes. Apart from Windows, Maxthon browser is also available for Android and iOS platforms.

The highlights of Maxthon Cloud Browser include its fast and powerful C4 cloud engine which provides cloud sync and backup capabilities. Maxthon 4 also offers Cloud Push and Cloud Download. The Cloud Push feature allows users to ‘push’ text, images, videos etc. to and from other linked devices. For this, users need to create account with Maxthon Passport service which is free and offers up to 10 GB of storage space. The Cloud Download feature backs up downloaded files on cloud and users can access these files from other linked devices later.

The following video shows up all advanced features of Maxthon 4 Cloud Browser:

With this new version, Maxthon has significantly improved its user interface as well. Maxthon already offers browsing data sync feature similar to Chrome and Firefox where users can synchronize their bookmarks, opened tabs, history, personal settings and auto fill data.

On Windows platform, Maxthon comes with two rendering engines, WebKit and IE’s Trident. It is the best ‘alternate’ browser if you are looking beyond the popular ones.