Password Generation in Chrome

A very interesting feature coming soon to Google Chrome is the “Password Generation”, which would suggest strong passwords to the users on signup pages. We have already reported about it in past. Currently, the Password Generation is not enabled by default, but the interested users can enable it manually from the about:flags page.

To test this feature, enable the flag “Enable password generation” and navigate to any signup page, for example the signup page of Twitter (it does not work on some pages). As shown in the screenshot below, users should notice a key icon in the password field. On clicking this icon, a password suggestion box appears with a randomly generated password string containing alphanumeric and special characters.


Users can choose this password by clicking on “Try it” button.

As the passwords generated by Chrome are tough to remember, users must enable the sync feature of Chrome. This feature works only on the sites with autocomplete turned on.

Once this feature lands to the stable channel of Chrome, users would be able to create strong passwords easily.