How To Restore Session In Chrome

Google Chrome can restore your last browsing session automatically everytime you start the browser. Moreover, if you have enabled the native synchronization feature of Chrome, you can also access your opened tabs and history items on other connected devices such as your Android tablet running Chrome.

To configure Chrome to start with the last browsing session, follow these steps: Open Settings page of Chrome by visiting Menu > Settings.


Under the “On startup” setting, choose the option “Continue where I left off”:


And, close the tab. Done!

Google Chrome is now configured to restore your previous browsing session automatically on every start. This trick doesn’t require any separate extension or tool. But, if you are looking for advanced session management settings, you should try the following Chrome extensions:

  • Session Buddy: This is a handy extension to save and restore multiple browsing sessions for future references. You can export your sessions as CSV file and edit the saved ones.
  • Session Manager: Another cool extension with similar features but minimal settings and options. I prefer this one.


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