Mozilla Finally Brings Per-window Private Browsing To Firefox 20

Much much awaited feature lands in the latest nightly build of Firefox. Starting with the Firefox 20, users would be able to open incognito windows along with the regular Firefox windows. Currently, users need to close all non-private windows before starting the private browsing mode.
Firefox 20 is scheduled to release in March/April 2013.

This per-window private browsing feature is already present in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10, while the Opera has PER-TAB private browsing feature!

(Open new private window)

(Regular and private windows side-by-side)

(Open links in incognito window from the context menu)

Mozilla developers have been working on this feature for last 19 months. Mozilla’s Ehsan Akhgari explains the reason behind this delay as the development team had to rewrite the current private browsing mode from scratch.

Interested users can test this feature by downloading the nightly build of Firefox 20 from here