H.264 Support Lands in Firefox 20 Nightly on Windows

This is a very important step: Firefox 20 Nightly on Windows now supports H.264 codec through the Windows’ Media Foundation. As reported earlier, Mozilla has decided to bring OS-dependent support for H.264 in Firefox to avoid dependency on third-party plug-ins like Flash.

This feature is not enabled by default yet, and users need to set windows-media-foundation to true in about:config preferences. Latest nightly build can be downloaded from here for testing purposes.


Firefox for Android 4.x already supports hardware and software level H.264 decoding, and the FirefoxOS would have hardware decoding support for H.264 codec.


(test on HTML5Test.com confirms H.264 support)

(no plug-in required! )

  (Thanks @PaulRouget for the tip)

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