EU To Fine Microsoft Over The BCS Violation Case

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft may have to face big fine in the EU BCS violation case. The issue was reported earlier this year, and Microsoft accepted and apologized over  the matter in July. On the other hand, Mozilla lost up to 9 million Firefox downloads due this violation.

EU’s antitrust chief, Joaquin Almunia, says that the EU regulators are close to take a final decision, which should be announced next month. Following the European Union laws, Microsoft may be fined up to $7 billion, the 10% of its annual turnover. The company has already faced penalty of over $2 billion in other EU antitrust cases.

windows browser choice screen

The Browser Choice Screen (BCS) was introduced in 2009 after an agreement between Microsoft and the European Union. Under this agreement, Microsoft is required to give a choice to the users to select a default internet browser for them from a list of 12 popular browsers. This list includes browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Maxthon.

Later, it was discovered that Microsoft failed to show the browser choice screen on the computers sold with Windows 7 SP1. EU investigated the matter, and finally in October, sent its “Statement of Objections” to the Microsoft.