Chrome 25 To Disable All Sideloaded Extensions

Google today announced new ‘security’ features coming soon to Chrome. Starting with the Chrome 25, which is currently available in Dev channel, Chrome will disable silently installed third-party bundled extensions. As reported earlier, users will be notified about the installed extension with the option to enable or remove it.

bundled extension warning

Additionally, all sideloaded extensions will be disabled once including those installed manually by the users. This will prompt users to review the installed extensions, specially those installed silently without knowledge of the users.


Google wants to save users from the silently installed extensions, which may be malicious in nature. Such extensions are distributed with other programs and use Windows registry mechanism for automatic installation. As these extensions are not hosted on Chrome Web Store, Google has no direct control over them.

Chrome has already disabled installing extensions, user scripts and themes from the third-party sources. For installing such extensions manually, users need to follow steps described in this video tutorial.

Apart from these features, Chrome users will be able to easily monitor activities of extensions soon. A bubble in the address bar will inform the users about the extensions interacting with the current web page. This feature should also land to the regular version with Chrome 25.