Dolphin Connect for Chrome, Firefox and Safari

This is a great news for the users of Dolphin browser: Dolphin Connect for Chrome is back with many new features. MoboTap has also released Firefox and Safari extensions too. This means Dolphin users can now easily synchronize their browsing data with desktop browsers.

Dolphin had released a Chrome extension in past, to sync bookmarks with Chrome, but it was discontinued due to certain issues. We asked regarding this to MoboTap’s Edith Yeung and Christian DiCarlo in a chat last month, and they hinted about this release then.

The Dolphin Connect browser extension syncs browsing data, like bookmarks and tabs, with Dolphin on Android and iOS devices. Users can send text, phone numbers, images and other stuff to Dolphin just with few clicks. Of course, users need to signup for Dolphin Connect account, which is free.

The Dolphin Connect extension can be installed for Chrome, Firefox and Safari (direct links for Firefox and Safari). With capability to sync data with multiple desktop browsers, Dolphin is going to be a tough competitor for Chrome on Android.

Apart from the Dolphin Connect browser extensions, MoboTap has also released an update for the Dolphin browser. This update brings two additional features: One-tap sharing and Evernote integration. The one-tap sharing feature allows users to quickly share web pages via Facebook, Twitter, Email and WiFi broadcast.