Opera Ice – New Smartphone Browser from Opera Software

Pocket-lint has released a video of an internal meeting at Opera Software featuring its upcoming mobile browser, the Opera Ice. Surprisingly, Opera Ice would run on WebKit, the rendering engine used by many desktop and mobile browsers including Safari, Chrome and Android’s default browser.

In October 2012, Lars Boilesen, the CEO of Opera, had told CNET about a new ‘hybrid’ browser to be released in future.

It seems that Opera has decided to kill its rendering engine, Presto, at least on the smartphone platforms. WebKit would enable Opera to solve compatibility issues as well. Moving to WebKit will also enable Opera to bring a fully-fledged browser for iOS, as the company believes that Opera Mini is not capable of competing with Safari and Chrome on iOS.

As shown in the above video, Opera Ice will have minimal UI with gesture controlled interface. It would offer a totally revamped visual interface. On the other hand, Opera Mini will remain available to all supported platforms. Moreover, we guess that Opera Mobile for Android would be discontinued.

(via Pocket-lint)