Chrome 25 Brings Secured Search for All Users

Google today announced another security feature coming soon to Chrome: Starting with Chrome 25, which is currently in Beta, all search queries made through the omnibox (address bar of Chrome) would use HTTPS secured connection, even if user is not signed-in to Chrome.

Currently, secured search is used only when the user is signed-in to Chrome. Google wants to enable this feature for all users, which will enhance security and avoid privacy risks. Firefox also uses secured search for all users using its integrated search box.


“It helps ensure that malicious actors who might intercept people’s internet traffic can’t see their queries”, explains Google in a blog post. Thanks to SPDY implementation in Chrome, users will not face any delay due to the SSL connection.

Chrome team has also announced to disable all sideloaded extensions on Chrome 25 update. Users would be prompted to review extensions settings, and re-enable the desired extensions. With this move, Chrome ensures that no silently installed extension remains active to perform any malicious activity.

Other highlights of Chrome 25 are unprefixed Content-Security-Policy HTTP header, JavaScript Web Speech API and a brand-new New Tab Page. Google has also released Chrome 25 Beta for Android 4.0+ devices as well.