Chrome DevTools Workspace

Google Chrome has introduced a new experimental feature, Workspaces, in the latest Canary builds. The Workspaces enable developers to simplify their workflow and debugging using Chrome’s integrated DevTools. Developers can choose local directories in their file system, which are always available to edit right in the DevTools. Hence, developers don’t need a separate editor for editing their files. With this feature, Chrome’s DevTools would become a complete development tool, at least for the web technologies.


To test out the Workspaces in the Canary build, first enable the flag “Enable Developer Tools experiments” in the chrome://flags. Now, restart the browser and launch the DevTools. Go to the Settings panel (click on the icon at the bottom-right corner) > Experiments, and enable the “File system folders in Sources Panel” option. Now, restart the DevTools and you should notice a “Workspace” option in the Settings panel.


Here you can add local directories to the workspace as explained by Chrome team here. This is an experimental feature, and things may not work as expected. Users should expect more functionalities in the coming days.

This awesome feature will convert Chrome in to a powerful development and debugging tool. Developers would be able to edit-and-test their code directly in the DevTools.

Update: Watch the following videos by Addy Osmani and Paul Irish to learn more about workspaces: