Opera’s mobile browsers hit 229 million users

Opera Software today released its State of Mobile Web report for the December 2012. The Norwegian browser vendor now claims that its mobile browsers, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile, have around 229 million users. These products have gained record number of users since the launch in 2006.

Out of these 229 million users, Opera Mini has 208 million users across all leading mobile platforms. These users viewed over 143 billion pages, and  generated over 2.7 billion MB of data.


It is important to note here that Opera has less than 2% market share in US, while its global market share is also shrinking. According to the StatCounter.com, its global usage share is around 16%. Competitors like UC browser and Maxthon are giving tough competition to Opera, specially in countries like India, where Opera had almost monopoly in past.


It seems that Opera Software has decided to review its strategy for the smartphone users. The company is working on, Opera Ice, a new mobile browser for Android and iOS platforms. Reportedly, it would use WebKit and not Opera’s own rendering engine Presto. As the mobile web is dominated by WebKit-based browsers, this move will help Opera to solve out compatibility issues.