Mozilla To Disable Plug-ins by Default in Firefox

Mozilla today announced its plans to take an important step towards the security of users and performance of Firefox. The organization has decided to disable all plug-ins by default in Firefox, except the latest version of Flash. Users would be required to enable such blocked contents manually. Alternatively, they would be able to whitelist domains where all plug-ins should always run.

Currently, Firefox runs all plug-ins on all web pages by default, except some older and vulnerable versions blocked specifically by Mozilla.

Click To Play

Firefox has already implemented Click-to-Play feature similar to Chrome and Opera. It is not enabled by default, but users can turn-on it by changing preference in about:config section or installing add-ons like this one.


Mozilla has been using this technology for disabling vulnerable plug-in versions, like outdated versions of Java and Silverlight. With today’s announcement, Mozilla has taken advantage of this technology to block all plug-ins in Firefox. Latest version of Adobe Flash has been exempted from this, may be because of its ‘essential requirement’ and importance on the web.

The above policy change will also bring stability and performance improvement in Firefox. Mozilla describes, “Poorly designed third party plugins are the number one cause of crashes in Firefox and can severely degrade a user’s experience on the Web.”.