Firefox 21 Would Suggest Users To Fix Slow Startup

Slow startups have been a serious problem for Firefox for long, and now Mozilla has decided to prompt users to fix it. Starting with Firefox 21, which is currently in Nightly channel, Firefox would prompt users to fix various possible issues affecting the startup time of Firefox.

This feature has already landed in the latest nightly build. Firefox shows a notification to the users as shown in the following screenshot:


When users click on the “Learn How to Speed It Up” button, they are directed to this page on Mozilla’s support site, which displays suggestions to boost up Firefox’s startup performance on their operating system. These suggestions include some general tips like resetting default home page, turn on the “Don’t load tabs until selected” (tabs on demand) feature, identifying slow extensions etc.

Mozilla’s Jared Wein describes this new feature, “The feature works by keeping track of the previous 5 start-up times. If the average startup time is greater than our threshold (currently 1 minute, with plans to lower it), then we will show a notification bar at the bottom of the browser window.”.

Internet Explorer also shows similar warning messages and suggests users to disable toolbars and add-ons affecting its performance.