Samsung Joins Mozilla, Contributing to Servo and Rust Projects

Mozilla today announced that Samsung has started contributing to its ‘experimental’ browser engine Servo and Rust programming language. Samsung is helping Mozilla to bring Rust and Servo to Android and ARM platform. Although, Mozilla has not announced any timeframe for the launch, but this confirms that Mozilla is serious about Servo – and it is not just a research project – as the open source organization said earlier.

mozilla servo

Servo is aimed to take advantage of multi-core and heterogeneous computing architectures, and is programmed in Rust. Mozilla’s CTO and JavaScript Creator, Brendan Eich, highlights benefit of Rust of C/C++, “It is intended to fill many of the same niches that C++ has over the past decades, with efficient high-level, multi-paradigm abstractions, and offers precise control over hardware resources. But beyond that, it is safe by default, preventing entire classes of memory management errors that lead to crashes and security vulnerabilities.”.

Both, Rust and Servo, are open source projects, similar to other products of Mozilla.

(Via The Mozilla blog) (Image)