Firefox 3.6 is Not Dead Yet

Firefox 4 was released in March this year, and Firefox 7 is scheduled to be release on September 27. But, it seems that Firefox 3.6 is not going to die soon. Browser market share reports from Clicky and StatCounter confirm it.

According to Clicky, the leading web traffic monitoring service, Firefox 3.6 still has around 6% market share.


Firefox Browser market share Clicky
Browser Usage Share of Firefox versions – Clicky


Report from Clicky shows that the latest versions, Firefox 5 and Firefox 6, are the most popular Firefox versions. But the Firefox 3.6 is much popular than the Firefox 4. This indicates that there are lots of users still using Firefox 3.6 and have not updated to the three recent releases. Almost similar trend is observed in StatCounter’s report:


Firefox Browser market share StatCounter
Browser Usage Share of Firefox versions – StatCounter


The above reports may disappoint Mozilla community. Firefox developers are constantly adding up new features and functionalities. It includes refreshed user interface, HTML5 goodness, improved performance & security measures and Add-on SDK platform.