AVG Brings Security Solutions to Chrome Browser and Chromebook

Popular Antivirus and online security solutions company AVG has launched a Google Chrome Web App, which helps to secure users of Chrome browser and Chromebook (ChromeOS). The extension has been developed by AVG Mobilation, and similar security application is also available for Android smartphone and tablet users.




The AVG Mobilation Chrome App can be installed from here, and provides various basic security checks for the browser. It scans search results and places a safety rating next to each link, letting the user know which sites can be trusted and which ones are to be avoided. It also scans downloaded files and web pages in the background. It uses AVG’s cloud based antivirus, so users don’t need to worry about updating or installing new versions.

The Android app of AVG Mobilation also offers various security features. It may help users to find lost or stolen Android smartphone or tablet, lock or wipe it remotely from Chrome browser & Chromebook.