How To Install Google Chrome on Windows 8?

If you have upgraded to Windows 8, and loving its attractive user interface and smoother user experience, let me remind you an important feature of Windows 8. This version of Windows has introduced a new type of applications targeted mainly for the users on tablets and other touch devices. These applications are called Modern UI apps (previously, the Metro Apps). The web browsers on Windows 8 may have two different modes: the regular desktop mode and Metro mode (or Windows 8 mode). 

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer already offers these two modes, while the other browser vendors are still working on their metro mode versions. Chrome has added an option in its main menu to launch the browser in the metro mode, but the metro version of Chrome still lacks metro features and design.

Install Chrome on Windows 8

To install Chrome on Windows 8, simply download and run the installer from here. Google has also created a special website to guide the users to install Google Search App and Chrome on Windows 8, and add them to the start screen for quicker access.

On the other hand, the Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 is really awesome. Microsoft has released a nice browser this time; the browser we loved to hate!

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