How to set Maxthon 4 as default browser on Windows 8

If you think Chrome is the best and ‘fastest’ browser on the planet, you need to correct yourself. We, at BrowserFame, prefer to use Opera and Maxthon these days – and believe us – these browsers are extremely fast and perform better than Chrome. On Windows, the latest version of Maxthon, the Maxthon 4 ‘Cloud Browser’, is really awesome. Its browsing experience is unmatched. One major advantage of Maxthon over Opera is its WebKit rendering engine which makes it highly compatible with the sites. Just to remind you here, WebKit is used by Google Chrome, Safari and the Android browser.

The only disappointing fact about Maxthon browser is its market share and popularity. Maxthon has a very small user base worldwide. It has around 2% market share in China. We expect to see its growth in coming days.

Download Maxthon 4 “Cloud Browser”

To try out Maxthon on Windows, download and install the latest version from its official website. You can also download it for your Android phone, Mac and iPhone. Maxthon team is planning to launch Android tablet and iPad versions soon. After downloading and installation, you should register with Maxthon Passport service to backup and sync your browsing data. This is optional, but highly recommended. Moreover, you can easily import your browsing data from other browsers as well.

Set Maxthon As Default Browser

This procedure is really simple, and same for all other browsers. In short, visit the Control Panel, go to Programs > Default Programs > Set your default programs. Now, a list will appear with all programs installed on your computer. Select Maxthon, click on the “Set this program as default” and “OK”. Done!


You can follow the same steps for other browsers and programs like media players. The above demonstration is for Windows 8, but should work for other Windows versions too. Maxthon has not announced its Windows 8 “Metro” version yet.

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