How to customize Maxthon browser by changing settings

If you are a Maxthon user and want to customize your browser by changing the default settings, here are some tips and tricks for you. Maxthon is a light-weight and fast browser with lots of innovative features. It is also the only popular browser with built-in ad blocker capabilities.

Unlike other browsers, Maxthon offers a much easier way to customize browser settings. To begin with personalization, type about:config in the address bar and hit the enter key. This will open the Maxthon Settings page. You can find all under the hood settings here, and change them according to your own preference, like settings for address bar, search engines, mouse gestures, shortcut keys, User-Agent string, fonts and proxy.


Let’s explore the Maxthon Settings page and customize few things:

Change Default Search Engine

Similar to other browsers, Maxthon comes with option to change the default search engine. To change your default search engine, move to the ‘Search Engine’ section and select your favorite provider from the “Choose search engine” dropdown list, as shown in the following screenshot. Maxthon also allows users to add their own custom search engines. To add your own, click on the ‘Add’ button. Apparently, Maxthon does not support search plug-ins.


Set Maxthon Default Browser

Although there is a way to set your default browser from the Control Panel of Windows, Maxthon allows users to easily set itself the default browser . Under the ‘General’ tab, you can find that option.  You need to have admin privilege to confirm the UAC prompt in order to change the system settings.

Enable Do-Not-Track in Maxthon

Maxthon users can enable the Do-Not-Track HTTP header to opt-out of the online behavioral tracking. Many websites, including Twitter, respect DNT now. Thankfully, it is enabled by default in Maxthon! If you want to disable it for any reason, there is an option for that in the ‘Advanced’ section:


Bonus Tip: How to view and delete history in Maxthon browser?

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