Download Java 7 Update 13 Offline Installer

Oracle has released Java 7 Update 13 addressing over 50 vulnerabilities. 44 of these 50 vulnerabilities are related with the browsers, thus it is a very important update for the users who have enabled Java plug-in in their browsers. Oracle today announced this update in a blog post, “The popularity of the Java Runtime Environment in desktop browsers, and the fact that Java in browsers is OS-independent, makes Java an attractive target for malicious hackers.”.

The company has also announced its release schedule, according to which three regular security updates for Java would be available on 18th June 2013, 15th October 2013 and 14th January 2014. Oracle had issued another critical patch, Java 7 Update 11, last month.

Install Java 7 Update 13

If you have enabled automatic update check in the Java Control Panel, you should get update notification. Alternatively, users can manually download and install the latest version of Java on their computers. For downloading offline installer of Java, visit this page and choose installer for Windows, Linux, Mac or Solaris platform. Once downloaded the offline installer, you can use it for installing on multiple computers and update Java to its latest version.


Updating Java on your computer also ensures that your browsers have the latest patched version of Java browser plug-in. You don’t need to manually update or install browsers plugins separately.

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