Future of Browsing, Without Plug-ins

Internet Explorer developers believe that the plug-ins are restricting users from getting the best browsing experience over the web, and explain how webmasters can take advantage of HTML5 to make their sites accessible even if plug-ins are not available to the users.

Microsoft team explains, “Many sites today already offer a good experience when plug-ins are not available. Other sites block some or all functionality with plug-ins disabled. [...] Consumers are better off when developers use feature detection and fallback rather than hard-coding a site to specific browsers and configurations. For example, detecting and using HTML5 video in the absence of plug-ins gives the consumer a better experience.”.


With above explanation, IE team wants developers to adopt HTML5 capabilities to ensure a better browsing experience for the users. Developers should at least manage an alternative way for the users without plug-ins. Currently, many websites require browser plug-ins, like Adobe Flash, to run certain contents. For example, YouTube videos require Flash. Although,YouTube also offers HTML5 videos as an alternative option for the users who don’t have Flash or don’t want Flash content.