Yahoo! Toolbar for Chrome

Yahoo! today released refreshed version of its browser toolbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer. Along with this, the company also released Yahoo! toolbar for Google Chrome.

Practically, toolbar add-ons are the most abused browser component. Most of the toolbars for Firefox and IE come bundled with other software and install silently on users’ computers. These toolbar add-ons may track user’s browsing activities, manipulate web page contents and inject annoying ads. IMO, the only ‘useful’ toolbar add-on is Google’s Toolbar, which is currently available only for the Internet Explorer.


Toolbar for Chrome?

As we all know, Chrome doesn’t support toolbar add-ons, and this is for good. But, even without any supported way, there exists few toolbar extensions for Chrome. I would like to specially mention Alexa’s Traffic Rank extension (read my previous post about it). Alexa emulates toolbar in Chrome using iframes. By default, this extension shows an icon on browser’s native toolbar, but users can change settings to bring a separate Alexa toolbar.

Yahoo! is also using the same trick to show toolbar in Chrome. One can verify it by launching the Developer tools (Ctrl + Shift + I).


The Yahoo! toolbar for Chrome requires tons of permissions including access to data on all websites, read and modify browsing history, access to browsing activities, manipulate privacy-related settings, manage other add-ons (apps, extensions and themes).


I have no idea how the Yahoo! toolbar is useful for the users. In fact, it slows down page loading in Chrome. If you are still interested in trying out the Yahoo! toolbar for Chrome, download and run the installer from here.

(via Yahoo! Search blog)