Best Chrome Task Manager App : Nitro

The Chrome Web Store is full of tasks management apps with different kinds of capabilities and features. I tested out over a dozen of such apps, and finally got the best one: Nitro. Nitro has all those features one expect from a tasks or to-do list manager application. Here, I try to explain those features and show you one of the best packaged apps available on Chrome Web Store.

Nitro is free and works offline as well. You can connect it to your Dropbox or Ubuntu One account to sync your tasks over the multiple computers. You can also use Nitro from other browsers and even without installing the app in Chrome, from  its website. Nitro offers free ‘native’ apps for Mac and Linux too, in case you don’t use Chrome. These native apps offer same features as the Chrome app including synchronization.

Tasks List

The Nitro Chrome app has many more features like support for themes and custom background images, keyboard shortcuts, Magic Sort and drag-n-drop tasks to easily manage them. Users can customize the layout and colors according to their own preference. There are options to add tags & notes and set priority & due date for the tasks.

Sync with Dropbox

And the most impressive thing about Nitro is its sleeker and elegant design. Install Nitro for Chrome from the web store.

BrowserFame‘s Rating: 5/5

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