Top Mobile Browsers – Trends Aug/Sep 2011

The world of mobile browsers is very strange. Where the desktop browsers have almost similar trends around the globe, mobile browsers’ market share depends upon the popularity of mobile phones and platforms. We checked the userbase of different mobile browsers for the time period August + September 2011, and found that the results are very complex and unclear. While the Opera’s mobile browsers (Opera Mini + Opera Mobile) lead the mobile browser world globally, they are not even in top 5 in USA.

Top Mobile Browsers Worldwide

Globally, Opera’s mobile browsers have around 22% market share followed by default browsers of iPhone (16.6%), Nokia (16.5%), Android (15.2%) and Blackberry (14.2%). There are several reasons behind this huge success of Opera Mini including support for a variety of handsets and platforms. Opera’s server-side data compression and desktop-like rendering are also notable factors.

I would like to quote Mozilla’s Paul Rouget on Opera’s success on mobile platform:

While in the Western world we were looking at Apple bringing pretty Apps in an expensive device, in the Eastern world, Opera was bringing a working web browser to all the existing devices.

In USA, Android’s stock browser has around 30% market share followed by iPhone (25%), Blackberry (23.7%), iPod Touch (10.9%) and Nokia (2.6%). Opera is at #6 with 2.34% market share in USA. This is quite obvious, as users in USA have better connectivity and advanced devices.

Top Mobile Browsers USA

(Data courtesy: StatCounter)