How To Set Default Browser on Windows 8?

Microsoft Windows comes with Internet Explorer as its default browser. This is why Internet Explorer is much popular throughout the world. Most of the users have no idea to change their default browser to modern browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Although, Internet Explorer 10 is going to have lots of new features and support for HTML5 & open standards, you may want to change your default browser.

This tutorial is based on Windows 8 consumer preview version, but the process to set default browser should remain same for other versions of Windows.

Windows 8 has two different versions of Internet Explorer: Metro version & normal desktop version. Refer this post for more information on this. Metro version has no support for common browser plug-ins like Flash etc. This version is optimized for touch-screen devices like tablets. A desktop user, with no touch inputs, may find it difficult to use. This may be an important reason to switch default browser on Windows 8 as the links launched by metro apps open with metro-version of IE by default.

Change Default Browser

To change default browser, go to Control Panel > Programs > Default Programs >Set your default programs. This will populate a list of all suitable applications installed on your computer. In this list, you can easily find all third-party browsers installed on your PC.


If you want to set Google Chrome as your default browser, click on it in the left menu. Now click on “Set this program as default” on the right section and done! Hence, you can set your default browser.

Another way to change default browser is to choose your favorite one when Windows prompts (see the above screenshot). This prompt appears when you install a new web browser or delete your existing default browser.