Mozilla Launches Popcorn 1.0

Mozilla has announced the launch of its ambitious project Popcorn.js 1.0 . The Popcorn project is a JavaScript library for merging video with semantic data. This is another Open Source project of Mozilla, under the banner of Drumbeat.

What is Popcorn.js?

According to Mozilla, “Popcorn allows web filmmakers to amp up interactivity around their movies, harnessing the web to expand their creations in new ways. Popcorn uses JavaScript to link real-time social media, news feeds, data visualizations, and other context directly to online video, pulling the web into the action in real time. []”. In short, it is a HTML5 media toolkit using JavaScript to link real-time data visualizations, social media, and supplemental media to the video playback.


Industry experts have rated Popcorn as the future of online video and the next big thing in internet video. Popcorn team lead Brett Gaylor describes, “This is the moment where web video grows up as an artistic medium. In the same way that earlier film pioneers experimented with new techniques like montage, we’re now seeing ‘web-made movies’ that pull in real time information from the web.”.  (via)