Firebug Gets Major Improvements

Firebug, the most popular Firefox add-on for web developers, has got major improvements. Firebug 1.10, the current alpha version, is now a restart-less add-on with delayed loading feature.

Firebug slows down start-up time of Firefox. It is at the second place in the list of top 10 slow performing add-ons. Well, the newly introduced feature “Delayed Loading” improves start time of Firefox by loading Firebug only when the user launches it.


Moreover, Firebug 1.10a2 is now a restartless add-on, which means that it can be installed, removed, enabled or disabled without restarting the browser. Firebug team is also working on implementing restartless feature for Firebug extensions.

The Firebug 1.10 alpha version is compatible with Firefox 12, and can be downloaded from here.