Chrome Gets “Click to play” Option for Plug-ins [Updated]

This is another security and performance improvement in Google Chrome. Chrome users can now opt for “Click to play” setting for all plug-ins. This feature blocks all plug-in contents by default, and users have choice to load them on demand.

This feature is currently in available in dev and canary channels of Chrome (v 18.0.1025.1 or later). To enable “Click to play” feature for plug-ins, users should go to Wrench menu > Settings > Under the Bonnet > Advanced Settings > Privacy > Content Settings > Plug-ins and select the option “Click to play”. There are the options for running plug-in content always (which is the default option) and block all. Users can also add exceptions for particular domain names. Moreover, individual plug-ins can be blocked separately including Flash, PDF viewer and Google Update.



When a user opts for “Click to play” option, all plug-in contents are not loaded by default. User can choose to load and run individual plug-in content manually.


The above feature enhances Chrome’s security and performance. Users can turn-on it to skip flash content (read advertisements) easily.

Update: This feature is not new. Chrome has this “click to play” feature for long. Earlier, this setting was accessible through about:flags page only.