Google Explains Safe Browsing Feature of Chrome

Google Chrome team has highlighted Safe Browsing feature of Chrome browser through a blog post on its official blog. Chrome team explains how this feature helps users to avoid the three most common threats on the web: phishing, drive-by malware and harmful downloads.

The Safe Browsing feature is not limited to the Chrome only, and is available for other browsers through APIs. “Safe Browsing downloads a continuously-updated list of known phishing and malware websites, generated by an automated analysis of our entire web index. Each page you visit, and each resource (such as pictures and scripts) on the page, are checked against these lists. […] If Chrome detects that you’ve visited a page on the list, it warns you with a large red page that helps you get back to safety”, explains Google.

As the Safe Browsing requires data sharing with Google, users may opt-out of it by turning off the Safe Browsing. Well, Google does not use the collected information for any other purpose.