Mozilla’s Add-on Review Program On The Right Track

Mozilla conducts a manual review program for all the add-ons hosted on its official add-on gallery (AMO). We have seen its importance as it ensures all add-ons to be safe and stable for the users of Firefox and other supported Mozilla products. Although this review program delays the final release process and several add-on developers had criticized it in past, it seems that the Mozilla volunteers have successfully solved this problem.

According to Mozilla team, all the review queues are currently empty! This means that currently there is no submitted add-on or update waiting for the review. Mozilla AMO team has called it an important milestone and thanked all volunteers behind this review process.


This is a good news for the Firefox users as well. With the announcement of rapid development and release program of Mozilla, we were surprising that how the issues related with add-on compatibility will get handled. But, Mozilla recently reviewed its addon compatibility policy, and starting with Firefox 10 most of the add-ons are marked compatible by default unless any issue is detected.