Opera Mini 7 Next Released

Opera Software a released Opera Mini Next, a preview version of upcoming Opera Mini 7 browser. The Mini Next channel will showcase all upcoming versions, similar to OperaNext build for desktop. Along with the Opera Mini 7 Next, Opera Mobile 12 has been released as well.

Opera Mini 7

The current Mini Next build showcases many advanced features coming with Opera Mini 7. The most attractive feature is the revamped Speed Dials. In Opera Mini 7, users can add unlimited number of Speed Dial shortcuts, which is limited to just nine in the current version. Opera Mini 7 for Android gets smoother browsing experience with hardware acceleration.

Moreover, Opera Mini 7 for featured phones would have a new attraction: Smart Page. The Smart Page provides smarter access to social networking websites, news content and more. As feature phone users have limited options for native apps, the Smart Page will enable them to use these sites easily.

Screenshots of Opera Mini 7

Start page

Opera Mini 7 Speed Dials





Opera Mini Next can be downloaded for supported devices from here. It gets installed parallel to the regular stable version of Opera Mini browser.