Mozilla Brings “Do Not Track” to Its Mobile OS

This is another great step for Mozilla’s “Do Not Track” initiative: Mozilla has announced to implement DNT settings to its mobile operating system, Boot to Gecko. With this implementation, users will be able to change tracking settings for installed mobile browsers and apps.

Firefox for Android already has the option to turn-on DNT HTTP header. As all leading web browsers on desktop, including Google Chrome, are now agreed to implement DNT system, mobile browsers need to support this protocol as well. Mozilla wants to take DNT to another level by making it an OS level property for mobile operating systems. Hence, users can control tracking settings for browsers and applications both.

Three State Setting for Do Not Track

Three State Setting for Do Not Track

Mozilla has also proposed a three-state setting for Do Not Track system. Alex Fowler, Global Privacy and Public Policy Leader at Mozilla, explains this proposal, “Today, Do Not Track is either off or on. This doesn’t satisfy all the use cases on the Web nor fit well with laws in Europe. The three-state setting for Do Not Track will consist of no preference, do not track, and allow tracking“.

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