Twitter Adopts SPDY

Social networking website Twitter has started supporting Google’s SPDY protocol. At this moment, SPDY is enabled only for, and not for its media CDN servers. Still, it is a big step taken by Twitter to improve the performance of website on supported browsers and platforms.

SPDY Support on Twitter - HTTP Headers

HTTP Response Headers of

SPDY Implementations

As of now, Google Chrome is the only browser supporting SPDY specifications. Firefox 11 (currently in beta) and Firefox 12 (currently in Aurora channel) have also implemented SPDY but this feature is disabled by default and users need to enable it manually (instructions here). Firefox will start supporting SPDY by default from Firefox 13 – which is currently in nightly channel. Moreover, Amazon’s Silk browser for Kindle Fire also supports SPDY for optimized performance.

Apart for Twitter, many other websites, including several Google-owned sites like Gmail, support SPDY protocol which will be integrated in the HTTP 2.0 specifications.