Microsoft Makes Fun of Older IE versions To Promote IE9

This is another funny video from Microsoft after the Gmail Man, but this time MS has targeted its own product in a different way. Microsoft has launched a website,, too and the company accepts that the only thing it’s [older versions of Internet Explorer]  good for is downloading other browsers!

Take a look on this video:

Indirectly, Microsoft wants to say that the Internet Explorer 9 is not like its predecessors. On the new tumblr microblog, Microsoft has featured testimonials of many users and tech blogs praising the IE9.
Microsoft prompts users of other browsers, “ Your current browser is probably great… So keep using it. But there are probably a few sites that you go to everyday, like Facebook and Pandora. And for just those sites, try using Internet Explorer. By pinning Pandora to the taskbar you can get to Pandora in one click. And when you do, you might find some stuff you like in Internet Explorer”.