Inline Installation: New Way to Success in Chrome Web Store

The “Inline Installation” feature of Chrome extensions and apps has become the new mantra for success in the Chrome Web Store (CWS). According to Google, this feature can derive up to 25% of the total installations for apps and extensions available in CWS.

What is Inline Installation?

Inline installation feature allows extension developers to implement single-click process to install their extensions and apps (hosted in CWS) right from their websites. Hence, users can easily discover and install the official Chrome extensions belonging to a website without following any complex process. This also eliminates the requirement to visit CWS to install any Chrome extension.


In a blog post, Google highlights some success stories where inline installation is bringing lots of new users to the Chrome extensions and apps. Joe Marini, Developer Advocate at Google, says, “Chrome extensions Evernote Clearly and Evernote Web Clipper derive 15% and 25% of their Chrome installations from their inline installation implementation. Rovio implemented inline installation for their Angry Birds Chrome game and saw their install rate jump by almost 10%”. (via)

The inline installation feature should be implemented by webmasters for their respective Chrome extensions and apps available in CWS as it brings more dedicated users. On the other hand, it also helps users to discover extensions easily. Alternatively, webmasters can host and distribute their Chrome extensions directly from their own server and skip the CWS.

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