“Click-to-Play” Feature in Firefox 14

Firefox 14 nightly has added another exciting feature: play plug-in contents only on demand. This feature is already present in Opera and Google Chrome, which blocks execution of all plug-in contents (like Flash) by default. Users can enable individual items manually by clicking on the item’s placeholder according to their requirement.


This “click-to-play” feature blocks plug-in contents and hence saves users from possible vulnerabilities in the plug-ins. On the other hand, it also removes distractions from web pages like flash advertisements etc.

To enable this feature in Firefox 14 nightly, set the value of plugins.click_to_play preference to true in the about:config settings.

There is no option for more settings like whitelisting domains etc, but we hope to see more options in the coming builds. Firefox 14 is scheduled to released on 17th July 2012.