Chrome 20 Appears on Canary Build

Google Chrome (and Chromium) has touched the version number 20. The canary build of Chrome on Windows platform is currently on v 20.0.1089.0.

With Chrome 20, some advanced features will land to the browser like Network Information API, color selection dialogs through <input type=color> attribute, support for meta viewports, CSS Shaders, new experimental.alarms Extension API, re-landing of the vw, vh and vmin CSS units etc. Moreover, a patch has landed to the WebKit which optimizes createTextNode(), createElement() and cloneNode() by around 15% on V8.

Google Chrome 20

Another innovative feature, Password Generation, is also on the way which would suggest random passwords to the users on sign-up pages. With this feature, users will be able to generate and use strong passwords which can be easily synchronized across multiple computers using Chrome’s built-in sync feature. More information on this password generator is available here.

Google recently released Chrome 18 as regular stable version with lots of new features and security fixes.