“Deauthorize Content Licenses” In Chrome’s “Clear Browsing Data” Panel

Dev and Canary channels of Chrome have got a new feature to delete more advanced browsing data types. Users can now delete content licenses for flash items and saved data of hosted web apps right from the “Clear Browsing Data” panel which is accessible through the keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + DEL and the wrench menu.

What is “Deauthorize Content Licenses” ?


Chrome comes with a bundled version of Flash Player plug-in. On the other hand, users can install stand-alone edition of Flash Player plug-in for other browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Chromium. When a user installs Flash plug-in for other browsers, various settings including those for the recently introduced auto-update feature are configurable through the Flash’s Native Control Panel. On Windows platform, Flash Player Setting Manager can be accessed from system’s Control Panel.

This setting manager provides various options to control the data saved on user’s computer. Users can delete Local Storage items, Flash Cookies/Local Shared Objects (LSOs), Flash-based game data, license files for the Protected content such as rented or purchased movies and music etc. directly from this panel.


Chrome team is now working to bring option to delete these data for Chrome right from the Chrome’s own “Clear browsing data” panel. Though the development is still in progress and we may see some more options in the coming days, initial implementations can be tested in Chrome version 21.0.1180.0 or later. For other browsers including Firefox, these browsing data can be cleared from the above mentioned Flash Player Setting Manager (shown in the screenshot).