Disable or Remove Microsoft Office 2013 Plug-in from Firefox

If you have installed preview version of Microsoft Office 2013 to test out the latest features of newer version of MS Office, you may have noticed its plug-in installed on the browsers on your system. Firefox users can check if this plug-in is installed by visiting the Add-on manager page. To visit add-on manager, press CTRL + Shift + A and click on the plugins tab, you would notice a plugin with name “Microsoft Office 2013 15.0.4128.1014”.

The basic purpose of this plug-in is to integrate Office tools with your browser, but users may want to disable or remove it. In order to disable Office plugin in Firefox, simply click on the disable button in the front of the plugin listing. Disabling it ensures safety from possible vulnerabilities caused by the plugin as the Office 2013 itself is in testing phase right now.


To remove this plugin permanently, open the following location in the Windows Explorer: C:Program FilesMicrosoft Office 15rootOffice15. Now look for the file with name npspwrap.dll which should be in the above folder. Delete this file (must take proper backup before deleting) and restart the Firefox.
Now, navigate to the add-on manager page again where you would notice new buttons including one for removing that plug-in. Click on the button and restart the browser again. The Office plugin will be removed permanently.