Firefox 16 for Android Will Support ARMv6

We have already reported about the Mozilla’s decision to work on Firefox for Android for ARMv6 platform. Following that announcement, Mozilla developers had released an experimental build for ARMv6 based handsets. And here comes another good news for the Firefox lovers: Firefox for Android will finally support ARMv6-based devices starting with the version number 16, which is scheduled to release in October.

Currently, Firefox 14.0.1 is the latest stable build and it does not support the ARMv6 based devices. Mozilla released Firefox 14 with many big changes and features like Android’s native support, Flash, SPDY, WebGL and WebAPI in the last month.


Mozilla’s Brad Lassey informs in his blog post, “We landed all of the patches needed for ARMv6 support during Firefox 16′s time on trunk”. Interested users with ARMv6 devices can install the pre-release version of Firefox 16 from here (APK file). Lassey further explains that Mozilla will ship two different builds, for AMv6 and ARMv7 separately, which will be distributed through the Google Play.
It is important to mention here that Google Play now allows distributing different APKs targeted to different device configurations.