Access Clipboard Text on Multiple Computers Easily [Chrome Extension]

If you work on multiple computers, here is a must have Chrome extension for you which synchronizes your clipboard text across multiple computers instantly. Clipboard Sync is an easy to use Chrome extension which solves the biggest annoyance for the users who work on multiple computers simultaneously.

In order to use this extension, you need to sign in to Chrome, which can be used for synchronizing your browsing data across multiple computers running Chrome. The extension puts a button on the toolbar, next to the omnibox of the Chrome.  To use the Clipboard Sync, copy the desired text to the clipboard and click this button.


Then, on all other computers where you’re signed-in to Chrome and the extension is installed, a notification will popup. Click on this notification and the text will be automatically copied to your clipboard on that computer. Further, you can paste the text anywhere by using CTRL + V or other supported ways.

Install the Clipboard Sync extension from Chrome Web Store.