NoScript for Chrome? Block JavaScript, Flash, Java in Google Chrome

Firefox users have advantage of some really awesome add-ons and utilities like Adblock Plus and NoScript. I can’t imagine browsing the web without these two Firefox add-ons. Other browsers like Chrome, Opera and Maxthon may have some other brilliant features but the fact is that they still need to develop their extension ecosystem. While Opera is planning to bring extensions to the Opera Mobile, Chrome team constantly adding up new APIs for the extensions.

One good thing about Chrome is that it offers several built-in features for which you need to install (and then update every time!) a separate extension in Firefox. For example, Chrome supports Greasemonkey scripts natively while in Firefox, you need to install the Greasemonkey Add-on from the AMO.

There is another such integrated feature in Google Chrome, which works almost similar to the popular NoScript add-on of Firefox. Hence, you don’ t need a separate extension.

How to block JavaScript in Google Chrome?

Chrome offers option to turn off JavaScript execution on web pages by default. Users can set custom exceptions to whitelist certain sites and allow JavaScript on those domain names. Alternatively, this can work in the opposite manner as well, where users can enable JavaScript for all websites except few particular domain names.


To set your JavaScript preferences in Google Chrome, visit Wrench menu > Settings > Under the Bonnet tab > Privacy > Content settings > JavaScript. To block JavaScript entirely, select the option “Do not allow any site to run JavaScript” (In latest dev build of Chrome, type chrome://chrome/settings/content in the address bar).

Once you are done, you will notice a new icon in the address bar which indicates that the JavaScript is blocked. To add exception rule for the current domain name, click on this icon (as in the screenshot below) and choose your preference.


We have demonstrated the complete process in the following video. For more similar tutorials and useful videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

Is JavaScript Harmful?

Chrome already has a sandboxed model to ensure maximum security for the users. Still, several sites may have useless scripts for malicious activities. Disabling JavaScript on untrusted websites saves you from several possible vulnerabilities like XSS and Clickjacking attacks etc.

The NoScript add-on for Firefox blocks few other types of executable content like Java, Flash, Silverlight etc.  In Chrome, you can find settings to block these plug-in contents on the same page/panel.