How to Open YouTube in Pakistan? [Unblock the blocked websites]

The Pakistani government has blocked across the country following the controversy over a movie hosted on the leading video sharing website. Google, the owner of YouTube, has denied to remove or block that certain video, which finally lead to the ban over the site in the Pakistan. This is quite unfortunate situation, as all Pakistani netizens have to miss the YouTube videos even if they are embedded on third-party sites like this one.

If you are one of those unlucky users, here is a simple solution to unblock YouTube in Pakistan or anywhere else, for example in your office or college’s internet lab. This trick is super easy and does not require any technical skill or complex setup procedure. Although, there are many other tricks to use YouTube in Pakistan like using a VPN or proxy websites, but these tricks are tough to implement for a common internet user.

Well, the simplest way to access YouTube or any other blocked website is to use Turbo mode of Opera browser on desktop computers. If you are using any mobile device, you should use Opera’s popular mobile browser Opera Mini – which is available on all popular mobile platforms including Android, iOS, Symbian.


To try out the above trick, download and install the Opera browser for your operating system from here. Once installed, open it and enable the turbo mode. To enable the turbo mode in Opera, you need to click on its icon on the status bar, as shown in the above screenshot. After enabling the turbo mode, you can browse as earlier without any obstacle. This trick should work for all other blocked sites.

When turbo mode is enabled, Opera browser uses server-side optimizations and encryption for connecting to the internet. This encrypted connection bypasses the regular blocking technologies implemented by network admins, ISPs and governments. Opera Mini browser uses encryption by default, which is an added benefit for the users.