Firefox for ARMv6 Devices Delayed

Mozilla has decided to delay the release of Firefox for Android on ARMv6 platform. Earlier, it was scheduled to released with the Firefox 16 – which is expected to release in the next week. Mozilla team is yet to gather enough data about the stability and performance on the ARMv6-based handsets. Now, Mozilla is targeting Firefox 17 for Android to support ARMv6.

The ARMv6-based devices are still very popular specially in developing countries. HTC Wildfire, LG Optimus One, HTC Status, LG Optimus Net, Huawei 8150 Ideos, Samsung Galaxy Pro and Samsung Galaxy Ace are examples of popular ARMv6-based mobile handsets. Most of these devices run on Gingerbread, and their manufacturers have no plans to bring ICS or JB update. As Chrome for Android doesn’t support Gingerbread and ARMv6, Firefox may attract a large number of users on these platforms.


The minimum system requirement for Firefox for Android on ARMv6 is 800MHz processing speed and 512 MB RAM. Users with capable handsets can install and test the beta version of Firefox which is supported on ARMv6 platform – and will get update for Firefox 17.

Just to remind you here, Mozilla totally revamped the Firefox for Android recently by moving to Android’s native widgets framework, which has significantly improved stability and performance.