MathML Support Coming To Chrome

Although Google Chrome can’t render RSS feeds natively, it is going to have support for another XML dialect, the MathML. Initial support for MathML has been landed in the latest Chromium build (v 24.0.1293.0 – build 161514).

Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) is a XML-based metalanguage to display mathematical notations on web pages and other documents. Firefox, Safari and Opera already support MathML, and render it natively. As Chrome for iOS uses Safari’s WebKit implementation, it supports native rendering of MathML.

Here is a screenshot of this MathML document rendered in the latest Chromium build on Windows:


Some other examples and tests are available here. Of course, this initial MathML support is not much perfect but this addition is going to boost the acceptance of MathML.

Refer this WebKit Bugzilla page for more information.

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