Mozilla lost up to 9 million Firefox downloads due to Microsoft’s BCS violation

Mozilla’s Vice President of Business Affairs and General Counsel, Harvey Anderson, has estimated that the Mozilla lost 6 to 9 million Firefox downloads due to Microsoft’s Browser Screen Choice (BCS) violation. Moreover, the daily download count decreased by 63%. Anderson also claims that after Microsoft’s fix, daily download count for Firefox increased by up to 150%.

Microsoft has already accepted that the BCS was missing on around 28 million computers sold with Windows 7 SP1. Recently, the European Commission formally sent its Statement of Objections to Microsoft. According to this press release, Microsoft may be fined up to 10% of its total annual turnover, which equals to around USD 7 billion!

Firefox daily download stats

Anderson says in his blog post, “Microsoft failed to fully comply with the browser choice ballot screen obligation for nearly 15 months […] Cumulatively 6 to 9 million Firefox browser downloads were lost during this period.”.

The BCS enables users to download a different browser for their PC. It lists 12 popular web browsers including Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Maxthon, RockMelt and Avant.