BlackBerry 10 Browser Passes Ringmark Ring 1 Test

Analysts may have declared DOA for BlackBerry 10, but its default browser has got great results on HTML5 compatibility benchmarks. The Blackberry 10 browser has successfully passed the Ringmark Ring 1, and it would be the top mobile browser on soon.

Apart from the Blackberry 10 browser, Dolphin Beta (now available as Jetpack) for Android is the only mobile browser to pass the Ring 1 test. As explained here, Ringmark test benchmarks browsers against 400+ standards and specifications grouped into three rings.


Matthew Staikos, Technical Director at RIM, announced this achievement, “By meeting the Ringmark Ring 1 benchmark standard, developers can add a level of advanced functionality to their HTML5 apps and be confident that the BlackBerry 10 browser can execute the app without problem.”.

Blackberry 10 browser scores 484 + 11 points on the This website ranks web browsers on the basis of their HTML5 compatibility. Currently, Opera Mobile is the top scorer in mobile browser category with only 406 points.