Opera and Safari Mobile Users Have Higher Ad CTR

Ad network Chitika.com has revealed some interesting information about the ad click through rate (CTR) for different browsers. This report suggests that the users of Opera and Safari Mobile click more ads than the users of other browsers. Chitika estimates the CTR of Opera users around 2.12%, and that of Safari Mobile users as 1.54%.

Other browsers with relatively higher CTR are Internet Explorer (1.14%), Android’s default browser (0.81%), Safari (0.8%), Firefox (0.68%) and Google’s Chrome (0.54%). Google runs probably the biggest online ad network, Google Adsense, which is very popular and trusted among the advertisers and publishers – and its own browser yields lowest CTR.


Although Opera is very innovative and advanced browser, its desktop version has less than 0.5% browser market share in US. On mobile platform, Opera’s mobile browsers have around 20% market share in US.

Other side of the story is that many ad networks including Google Adsense block ad impressions on Opera Mini browser, probably because of its server-side compression technology.

(via Chitika Insights)