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Reviews and How-to Guides on popular and productive web apps, browser extensions, Chrome ‘packaged’ apps etc.

Yahoo! Toolbar for Chrome

Yahoo! today released refreshed version of its browser toolbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer. Along with this, the company also released Yahoo! toolbar for Google Chrome.

Opera Proposes Open Standard for Browser Add-ons

Opera team has decided to work on open standards for browser add-ons to support multiple browsers. The project is aimed to help developers create unified browser add-ons, which would be capable of executing in multiple runtimes.

Best Chrome Apps for Markdown

Markdown is an easy-to-use and powerful markup language extremely popular among the writes and programmers. If you love using Markdown and Chrome is your primary browser, here are few recommendations for you.

Tailor: Adobe Brackets ported to Chrome Packaged App

Tailor is a new Chrome Packaged App based on Adobe’s Brackets code editor and web development tool. It has integrated support for Git and hence developers can work on and sync their remote Git repositories, including those hosted on GitHub.

Pocket Releases A Cool Chrome Packaged App

Popular “Read It Later” tool Pocket has silently released a new packaged app for Google Chrome. This app is quite similar to Pocket’s Android app and works even offline.